Prof Ronnie Elsdon-Dew
(1909 - 1984)


Photo credit: 

In Memoriam Ronald Elsdon-Dew, 

South African Medical Journal, 66: 546. 


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Elsdon-Dew Medal 


​The Parasitological Society of Southern Africa (PARSA) awards this medal on merit to contributions to parasitology in Africa. This award is named after Ronnie Elsdon-Dew, one of the founders of PARSA. The following individuals have been awarded this prestigious award:



2021:     Not awarded

2020:     Not awarded

2019:     Not awarded  

2018:     Leo Braack (South Africa)

2017:     Annemarie Avenant-Oldewage (South Africa)

2016:     Not awarded    

2015:     Not awarded    

2014:     Maureen Coetzee (South Africa)

2013:     Angela Davies Russell (UK)

2012:     Leon J Fourie (South Africa)

2011:     Not awarded

2010:     Jo van As (South Africa)

2009:     Richard Hunt (South Africa)

2008:     Tony Musoke (South Africa)

2007:     Brian Lesley Sharp (Posthumous)

2006:     Banie L. Penzhorn (South Africa)

2005:     DF Boomker (South Africa)

2003:     JA van Wyk (South Africa)

2002:     DT de Waal (South Africa)

2001:     RC Krecek (South Africa)

2000:     P Fripp  (South Africa)

1998:     G Fryer (UK)

1997:     EM Neville (South Africa)

1993:     L Kahlil and L Gibbons (UK)

1992:     Anna M Verster (South Africa)

1991:     RC Reinecke (South Africa)

1990:     Ivan Horak (South Africa)

1988:     J B Walker (South Africa)

1986:     I Paperna (Israel)

1981:     R Gönnert (Germany)

1979:     Botha de Meillon (South Africa)

1977:     RJ Pitchford (South Africa)

1975:     WO Neitz (South Africa)

1974:     Gertrude Theiler (South Africa)

1973:     GS Nelson (UK)





Motivated nominations, with a detailed curriculum vitae, are called for and should be submitted confidentially to the PARSA secretary. Documents must be submitted to the PARSA Secretary:

Prof Kgomotso P. Sibeko-Matjila

Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases

University of Pretoria

Private Bag X04



South Africa


Tel: +27 (0)12 529 8402



The deadline for applications is 30 May 2022.


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