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Dr Wilhelm Neitz
(1906 - 1979)


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Junior and Senior WO Neitz Medals



The Parasitological Society of Southern Africa confers two awards annually for a postgraduate (MSc and PhD) thesis focussed on parasitology. These awards are named after Dr. Wilhelm Neitz. The following students have received the respective awards:


Senior WO Neitz Medal

2023: Anja Erasmus (NWU)

PhD thesis – An environmental parasitological approach to marinemetal pollution: The endemic South African intertidalklipfish, Clinus superciliosus, as model organism


2022:    Marliese Truter (NWU)

PhD thesis – The assessment of metazoan parasite diversity of native and extralimital Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) populations: a holistic approach


2021:    Anneke Schoeman (NWU)

PhD thesis – Host-parasite associations in globally invasive Xenopus laevis


2020:    T. E. Onyiche (NWU)

PhD thesis – Epidemiology of equine and camelid ticks and tick-borne pathogens in Nigeria

2019:    Edward Netherlands (NWU)

PhD thesis – Ecology, systematics and evolutionary biology of frog blood parasites in northern KwaZulu-Natal


2018:    Quinton dos Santos (UJ)

PhD thesis – African Paradiplozoon Akhmerov, 1974 species: A case study of their taxonomy, morphology and phylogeny

2017:    Charles Byaruhanga (UP)

PhD thesis – Epidemiology and tick-borne haemoparasite diversity amongst transhumant Zebu cattle in Karamoja region, Uganda


2016:    Karien Labuschagne (ARC-OVI)

PhD thesis – The Culicoides Latreille (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) species of South Africa


2015:    Kyle McHugh (NWU)

PhD thesis – Comprehensive fish health assessment and parasitological investigation of alien and indigenous fishes from the Amatola region, South Africa


2014:    Not awarded


2013:    Kerry Hadfield (UJ)

PhD thesis – The biodiversity and systematics of marine fish parasitic isopods of the family Cymothoidae from southern Africa


2012:    Grace Madanire-Moyo (UL)

PhD thesis – A comparative evaluation of ecosystem health of selected water bodies in the Olifants and Limpopo River systems using the health assessment index and parasite diversity as indicators

2011:    Kgomotso Sibeko (UP)

PhD thesis – Improved molecular diagnostics and characterization of Theileria parva isolates from cattle and buffalo in South Africa


2010:    Raksha Bhoora (UP) & Elenor Yeld (UCT)

Bhoora PhD thesis – Molecular characterization of Babesia caballi and Theileria equi, the aetiological agents of equine piroplasmosis, in South Africa


2009:    Tshepo Matjila (UP)

PhD thesis – Molecular detection and characterization of tick-borne pathogens of dogs


2008:    Not awarded


2007:    M Leeto (UCT)

PhD thesis – The role of IL-4Ra during acute schistosomiasis



Junior WO Neitz Medal

2023:    Bernard Jordaan (NWU)

MSc dissertation Revisiting species of Trypanosoma (Euglenozoa:Trypanosomatidae) parasitising amphibians and reptiles from Southern Africa


2022:    Linda Van Der Spuy (NWU)

MSc dissertation – Morphological and molecular characterisation of Onchoproteocephalidean cestodes of South African elasmobranchs

2021:    Willie Landman (NWU)

MSc dissertation – Madagascan polystome (Monogenea) diversity and taxonomy

2020:    Alexander Carlin Sousa Neves Jeanrenaud (WITS)

MSc dissertation – The molecular and phenotypic effects of organic and inorganic pollutants on Anopheles arabiensis


2019:    Obaidiyah Mustapha (WITS)

MSc dissertation – The effect of terpenes on the life cycle of the malaria parasite

2018:    Gerhard de Jager (UFS)

MSc dissertation – Taxonomic status of Trichodina heterodentata Duncan, 1977 (Ciliophora: Peritrichia) using standard morphology, as well as molecular techniques

2017:    Not awarded

2016:    Dewald Eygelaar (UP)

MSc dissertation – Tick-borne haemoparasite prevalence and Theileria parva strain diversity in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) from northern Botswana and Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe

2015:    Ed Netherlands (NWU)

MSc dissertation – Species diversity, habitat utilization and blood parasites of amphibians in and around Ndumo Game Reserve


2014:    Ronel Pienaar (UP) 

MSc dissertation – Assessment and improvement of molecular diagnosis of Theileria parva of African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in southern Africa


2013:    Not awarded


2012:    Josef-Heinrich Möller (UFS)

MSc dissertation – Review of the African Diplozoidae


2011:    David Vaughan (UWC)

MSc dissertation – Review of South African genera of the family Hexabothriidae Price, 1942, parasites of chondrichthyan fishes


2010:    Andrea Spickett (UP)

MSc dissertation – The antihelmintic effect of copper oxide wire particle (COWP) boluses against Haemonchus contortus in indigenous goats in South Africa


2009:    Courtney Cook (UJ)

MSc dissertation – Biodiversity and systematics of apicomplexan parasites infecting South African leopard and hinged tortoises


2008:    Kerry Hadfield (UJ)

MSc dissertation – The biodiversity, systematics and ecology of fish parasitic gnathiid isopods from the east coast of South Africa


2007:    Claire Hovings (UCT)

MSc dissertation – Characterisation of novel T cell specific IL-4Ra knockout mice: Investigating the role of T-cell responses to IL-4 in Leishmania major and Nippostrongylus brasilliensis infections





The MSc or PhD thesis must have been accepted within the last 18 months by a tertiary institution. Each thesis must be accompanied by a nomination in writing by the candidate's supervisor or Head of Department. For further information contact:


Prof Kgomotso P. Sibeko-Matjila

Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases

University of Pretoria

Private Bag X04



South Africa


Tel: +27 (0)12 529 8402




​The deadline for applications is 30 April every year.



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